How to Style your Space for Autumn

Autumn is on the way, the nights are drawing in and as the weather gets cooler many of us crave the feeling of comfort and contentment that comes from spending time in a warm and cosy setting. Whether you manage an office or run a restaurant or café, you want your venue to be welcoming and inviting for your staff, guests and visitors, and by embracing seasonal style you can make sure your venue is the place to be this Autumn.  

Cup of coffee among Autumn leaves

Styling your café for Autumn

Whether or not your café’s menu changes with the seasons, there are lots of easy and effective touches that you can add to the decor of your space to give it that oh so special cosy feel.  

One of the most striking and unmistakable symbols of the Autumn season are fallen leaves, crisp in texture and stunning in their many colours; oranges, reds and browns. Artificial leaves are easy to find online and can be used to amazing effect in all kinds of decorative ways. For a dramatic look, you can decorate your venue with strings of Autumn leaves, or create a feature wall or ceiling, packed with cascades of artificial leaves in various shades of red, orange, yellow and brown.  

Candles or reed diffusers in sweet or heavily spiced fragrances such as cinnamon, vanilla or apple can create a real feeling of cosiness in your café, and can whet your customers’ appetites for a warming and comforting hot beverage.  

Repurpose blankets and throws you may have offered your customers seated outdoors in summer to create a warm and cosy feel inside your café, and to help give your customers that inimitable feeling of sheltering against the cold or rainy weather outside.

Pumpkin and squash on table setting

Styling your restaurant for Autumn

There are so many exciting ways that you can use creative decor to create elegant touches for the diners in your restaurant to enjoy. Depending on the style of your restaurant, you can choose between minimal and delicate touches or bold and dramatic decorations that can give your entire venue a huge visual lift!

Autumn floral bouquets in burnt embers and oranges, complete with red berries and Autumn leaves can add style to tables and sideboards. Floral arrangements can also look amazing in the form of a feature wall, especially if you are looking to add a truly dramatic touch to your restaurant for Autumn.  

Spruce up your table settings with tea-lights in oranges or reds, or invest in some tea-light holders in autumnal yellows and oranges to add a warm glow to each table setting.  

Seasonal vegetables can also add a stunning touch to any restaurant or venue, whilst warming up your customers’ appetites for the meal ahead. Pumpkins and squashes in various shapes and colours can form a truly beautiful display, alongside other seasonal objects such as acorns and pine cones.

Lighting can make a huge difference to the feel of your space and can go a long way to creating a welcoming atmosphere in your restaurant. Experiment with dimmed lighting and candlelight for a warm and cosy environment which your customers won’t want to leave!

Styling your office for Autumn

Although it may not be within your company’s budget to redecorate your office for every season, there are so many fun touches you can add to your office space to give it the wonderfully cosy feel that this time of year is well-known for.

If your office has a relaxed vibe, consider providing some warm and soft blankets or throws in your communal spaces so that your employees can embrace the cosiness of the indoors when the wind starts to blow and the rain starts to fall outside!

Forget the clocks turning back and the nights drawing in… for many, the real mark that Autumn is in the air is when pumpkin spice lattés start appearing on coffee shop menus. Treat your employees to the taste of Autumn by providing special hot beverages in your office kitchen. Look out for pumpkin spice flavoured instant coffee, or invest in some delicious flavoured syrups for employees to add to their daily cappuccino. You can find herbal teas in all kinds of warming autumnal flavours such as apple and cinnamon, ginger, and chai.  

Fill your office fruit bowl with seasonal apples, pears and blackberries for your employees to snack on. Dried fruits like dates and apricots, and nuts such as pecans and walnuts can add a pop of Autumnal colour to your office kitchen.

Woman with dog, sitting on sofa

Why not style your home for Autumn too!

If you have been inspired by these tips and ideas to add some new decor to your working space, why not think about replicating that wonderfully cosy Autumn feeling in your own home too!

Adding seasonal touches to your living space can be a really fun way to celebrate and enjoy the passing of the seasons each year, and Autumn can be one of the most fun and satisfying times to start doing this!  

Similar to the tips above, you might consider candles in warm and spiced scents to add a homely and comforting feel to your living space. Simple floral arrangements in autumnal colours such as reds, oranges and yellows can add a gorgeous touch to each room in your home. Dried flower bouquets are also a popular choice and can look amazing as well as serving as a more permanent decorative touch. Blankets and throws are also a comforting and cosy addition to any living space.  Think about what you might be able to add to your living room, your dining room or even your kitchen table to give it the unmistakable flavour of this special time of year.

If you really want to enjoy the cosiness of the season, you might think about investing in a wood burning stove for your living room or kitchen, which can provide all the warmth and comfort of snuggling up by a warm fire throughout the colder months, whilst also efficiently warming your living space and perhaps even decreasing your energy bills in doing so!

If purchasing new items such as cushions, candles and tablecloths to give your home that inimitably autumnal feel, think about balancing the warm, rich colours of Autumn (such as deep reds, burgundies, greens, oranges and ember) with lighter colours such as beige and cream to avoid your space becoming too dark and heavy in its colour palette.


We hope you have enjoyed reading some of these style ideas to help you transform your space for Autumn. Whether you are adding special autumnal touches to your office, your business or even just your home, decorating your space for the season can really help everyone who experiences it to enjoy a real feeling of comfort and warmth whenever they visit!

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