Our Top 5 Inspiring Restaurant Layouts in the UK

It’s time for our monthly top 5! Last month, we showed you inspirational table settings from bloggers, which you can recreate at home with our selection of dining furniture. This month, we are showing you a beautiful, carefully curated selection of coveted restaurant interiors based around the UK. We at Tables and Tops know well how restaurants are the perfect place to pick up interior design inspiration that you can take back and apply to your own home.

We’ve done the hard work for you, to save you hours of scrolling on Instagram or braving the winter cold to see the food hotspots yourself. With our list, and our range of furniture and interior design products, you can create such ambience and design in the comfort of your own home; the only thing we can’t help you with are the delicious recipes!

So here are our top 5, in no particular order…


1. Menagerie Restaurant and Bar

menagerie award winner

Photo credit: Menagerie Restaurant and Bar

First up, we have Menagerie Restaurant & Bar, which is in the Salford part of Manchester. Menagerie is a pink-hued, green and white seated wonderland, filled with extravagant props and cocktails, and Art Deco accents of gold. It is a very popular spot for Instagram photos, and you may even have seen it on TV; as two of the restaurant owners star in The Real Housewives of Cheshire! Menagerie also utilises the current bringing outdoors inside trend, with feature walls and hanging adornments of lush green plants and pretty pink flowers. 

If you like the design, you can replicate the dining tables with our own white marble table tops, and our Nico upholstered side chairs in the shade Wenge look almost identical to some of the seating in Menagerie.


2. Hide

hide award winner

Photo credit: Hide

If you prefer a more neutral, calming colour palette, then our next restaurant is the one for you. Hide, in London’s Mayfair, has enormous windows which fill the top 2 floors of the restaurant with natural light. It’s most breathtaking feature is a magnificent, twisting timber staircase which dominates the restaurant and gives the magical feeling that you are inside the trunk of an ancient oak tree, as does the dark and woody basement bar. A theme of stoney, simple colours and wooden furniture abounds in Hide, so if you would like to recreate the style we certainly recommend looking at our vast array of wooden tables and chairs. We have a variety of modern and classic styles at Table and Tops, so there is something to suit every design dream. 



Isle of Mull Cheese

isle of mull award winner

Photo credit: Isle of Mull Cheese

For our third restaurant, we cross the Scottish border and then the sea, heading to the beautiful Isle of Mull. This small, westerly island is home to the Glass Barn cafe, which is part of the Isle of Mull Cheese company and based on a farm. It also taps into the bringing outdoors inside trend, but in a completely different way to the previous restaurants. The aesthetic is rustic, with mismatched chairs and tables, and wild plant vines sweeping down from the glass conservatory. You may not be able to recreate the breathtaking view of rolling country hills at home, but you can certainly do the vintage vibe. You’ll need furniture in different styles and colours, wild plants and freedom from the constraint of a strict or matchy-matchy design theme. 


4. The Merchant Hotel - Great Room Restaurant

great room restaurant

Photo credit: The Merchant Hotel

The Great Room Restaurant at The Merchant Hotel in Belfast is for those who love opulence and maximalist interiors. It is Victorian architecture, with an Italian influence, at its finest. It has an enormous chandelier and rich earthy tones; four freestanding pillars that frame the room and sculpted cherubs aplenty. It used to be a bank, before it was changed into a highly recommended hotel and restaurant. Our Francesco upholstered sofa and cast iron table bases will help you recreate such luxury at home.


5. The Light Bar

the light bar

Photo credit: The Light Bar

Last but not least, we have The Light Bar in Shoreditch, London. This breathtaking building was once a power station, and is well over 100 years old. It has been resurrected as a restaurant and bar, and the interior is industrial and restrained, with rows and rows of exposed brick. It doesn’t seek to cover up its past, and instead embraces the lofty warehouse aesthetic. The colour scheme stays firmly within the spectrum of brown, orange and grey, with a few accents of green. If you like this minimalist, soft furnishing free look; we have similar high bar stools and wooden table tops.


If you like this; keep your eyes on our blog for our next top 5 of the month, coming soon!

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